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We source the very best local oysters from Maldon on the south-east British coastline. Maldon Oysters are renowned for being the first UK shellfish producers to use a new form of purification treatment. With temperature controlled tanks and the addition of natural gas, the purification of their oysters is expertly managed to improve shelf life and flavour. The threat of impurities and virus is also drastically reduced by their advanced purification tanks. Maldon Oysters are the only shellfish farm in the UK to have the technology that almost completely eliminates norovirus.

With our links to Maldon Oysters, London Fine Fish can deliver fresh oysters to your door within hours of being out the water. All you need to do is buy oysters online in our store for next day delivery. Alternatively, select a delivery day in the calendar at checkout. You will not find fresher or tastier oysters anywhere in London! View more info on our collection and delivery info here.

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The very best British Maldon Oysters from the Blackwater estuary in Essex. The flavour is enhanced by an advanced purification system which promises the cleanest and freshest oysters available to the local market. Click here for more information!



25 Oysters – Pacific or Native

Buy 20 get 5 free

Total 25 boxed and fresh oysters grown on the ancient lanes surrounding Mersea Island Essex.
Choose between Pacific or Native Oysters.
Delivered in special oyster crates.

Our Maldon sourced oysters have been through the most advanced purification system in the UK. Click here for more information including video clips of the oyster harvest and size grading as well as an illustrated guide to opening and preparation.

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25 Pacific Oysters, 25 Native Oysters

Videos from Maldon Oysters
Take a look at these great little clips from Maldon Oysters of their harvest and grading in action.

Guide to opening oysters
Image source: Maldon Oyster

buy oysters online | opening step 1

1. Get either a specialist oyster knife or a short and blunt knife will do.

buy oysters online | opening step 2

2. With flat side up, firmly hold the oyster with a thick cloth to protect your hand. Insert oyster knife through the hinge of the oyster.

buy oysters online | opening step 3

3. Push the knife through and twist, to pry open the oyster.

buy oysters online | opening step 4

4. Slide the knife down along the inside top of the shell

buy oysters online | opening step 5

5. Cut the muscle from the top half of the shell.

buy oysters online | opening step 6

6. Cut away until top shell is free and discard

buy oysters online | opening step 7

7. Slide your knife under the oyster and cut the bottom muscle to loosen it from the shell.

buy oysters online | opening step 8

8. Oyster is ready to eat!

How healthy are oysters?
Research shows that oysters are particularly great for your immune system. Raw oysters are rich in zinc, selenium and omega-3 fats as well as being a fantastic source of protein, iron and other minerals. The high zinc content promotes white blood cell reproduction which target bad bacteria and offensive microorganisms in your body. Selenium is equally beneficial to your immune system as an antioxidant which promotes the health of your blood vessels. There is even evidence to suggest that the rare amino acids in raw oysters are a great aphrodisiac. Buy oysters online here and find out!

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