Raw Slice With Rice – Sushi Week!

  This week we’re doing special high grade sushi/sashimi quality tuna and salmon. Don’t worry about the fillet preparation, we’ll ensure that you receive fillet ready for the simple fun slicing bit! First a couple of quick definitions:   Sashimi very fresh thinly sliced fish (or meat) served with vegetable and sauces (ginger, wasabi, radish, soy)     Sushi boiled vinegared rice served with raw fish and vegetables     Clean, healthy and very tasty…

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Online Fishmonger in Fulham

Fulham Fine Fish is your local online fishmonger. As an online fishmonger, you can browse our range of seafood produce in our web store and we deliver to your home. You can also collect from our fish van most Thursday afternoons! By taking your orders online, we can source exactly the produce we require on a daily basis. This means we're never holding onto stock and our fish is as fresh as it comes. We are based… Continue reading

High Weald Crayfish

Fresh Live Crayfish What do we catch? North American Signal Crayfish Length: Adults usually about 13cm but can be up to 25cm Body: Generally bluish-brown to reddish brown. Smooth all over. Two pairs of ridges behind the eye sockets. Spines absent from behind cervical groove. Rostrum well developed with parallel sides and long apex. Claws: Smooth on both sides, underside bright red in colour. Habits/habitats: Aggressive. Invasive. Lives in streams, rivers, canals, reservoirs, water-filled gravel… Continue reading

Time for Plaice

Bringing Great Fresh Fish to London View this email in your browser     Be a plaice maker… lovely and local… whole fish to bake or fillets to shallow fry, or trimmed whole, head, tail and frill off. You name it, we’ll do it!     WHOLE FISH £5.50   PLAICE FILLETS £4.50 These chilly Northeasterly winds are making things awkward on the coast, but I’m assured we’ll have fish! Monkfish will be from the South West,…

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Featured: Lemon Sole

  Lemon Sole still nice and local and nice and fat. Every bit a match for its rather more expensive cousin from Dover. Ideal for baking whole (or skinned…select below) in a hot hot oven for 15-20 minutes depending on size (grilled or pan-fried easy too) then onto a warm plate. Serve with peeled brown shrimp warmed in a little butter, a few small Anya potatoes and steamed spinach. Can’t think of a better meal. Portion…

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Introducing skrei – a special breed of Atlantic cod

  Skrei is (roughly speaking) a teenage Atlantic cod, on the move from the Barents Sea back down to the spawning grounds at Versalen, just off the Lofoten Islands (…that’s Norway) a bleakly beautiful mountainous coastline and very deep cold water. Its relative youth (skrei spawns at between four and seven years) means it is cod at its very best – lean, firm and with a great taste. It keeps its shape really well, flakes…

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Featured: Oysters & Monkfish

    Monkfish £6.75 per portion Portion / Whole Tail Options for skinned & filleted Various sizes available View in our online store   Fresh Maldon Oysters £1.25 each View in our online store Oysters and Monkfish – what’s not to love? South Coast has taken a bit of a battering this week, but the oysters of Malden and West Mersea are still safely in their beds. Clean and flinty these rock oysters are plump and…

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Newsletter: Featured Haddock

Bringing Great Fresh Fish to London View this email in your browser       3/02/2016 – FEATURING – HADDOCK Fillets Medium 200 – 225g Large 225 – 280g Haddock is part of the cod family, but much smaller, with slightly more delicate flaky flesh. Ideal for baking or frying, even under a grill! And if you like the idea of a warm tasty chowder, scroll down for another delicious suggestion, but with smoked haddock this time.  …

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Fresh Featured Mussels

13/01/2016 – FEATURING – MUSSELS £5 per kilofeatured recipes below! It’s a wonderful time of year for fresh shellfish and live Scottish rope grown mussels in particular! Available to order by the kilo Visit our fresh mussels in our online store here to order and for more of our shellfish.

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