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South Coast or Scottish caught Mackerel
Options for whole fish or head-off and gutted or filleted to your specification
Sold by each. Min. 350g

Mackerel is a deliciously oily fish that is high in vitamins, minerals and especially healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It is important to buy mackerel particularly fresh as it spoils very quickly. The fish should be firm and shiny with clear, unclouded eyes. Perfect to order online for fresh home delivery!

Seasonality: Mackerel is available all year but they’re at their best in the Spring and Summer, when they inhabit shallow coastal water near local ports.

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We also sell Smoked Mackerel fillets in our online store which come fresh from the local Hastings Smokery!

Order our fresh or smoked mackerel for delivery in the local area: Tuesday – Thursday.
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