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We source a select range of sashimi and sushi grade fish for local home delivery in London.

Our selection currently includes quality sushi grade tuna, sushi grade salmon and the excellent hamachi yellowtail. All our sushi fish is suitable to prepare and eat raw while fresh. Super freshness is guaranteed by ordering online as we source especially to order for the highest quality in sushi grade fish. All our fish is freshly sourced, but sushi promises to be that much fresher, packaged and iced to be kept cool from the source.

Sashimi Grade Tuna

Fulham Fine Fish tuna

Sashimi Grade Salmon

sushi grade salmon

Buy sashimi grade fish online

If you’re looking where to buy sashimi grade fish online, look no further! We are proud to deliver the very best and our latest reviews agree! London Fine Fish deliver Tuesday – Friday in London with a variety of time slots to choose from. All our fish is prepared, vacuum-sealed and packaged in insulated and protective boxes with ice packs to keep it cool and most of all, as fresh as possible. We recommend you store your sashimi fish in the fridge as soon as you receive your delivery for maximum lasting freshness.

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fresh sushi grade tuna london home delivery

1kg sashimi grade tuna freshly cut and vacuum-sealed, ready for delivery.

How to prepare your own sushi

We supply sashimi grade fish to make your own sushi at home.
Besides the quality fresh fish, you’ll need the right Japanese rice which is high in starch and therefore much sticker for rolling together. Also pick up the nori (seaweed paper) and the extra ingredients such as fresh vegetables.

Take a look at the following sushi roll guide for inspiration and check out the full recipe from Chez Chloe. In this recipe, Wendy adds sesame seeds, avocado, cucumber, peppers, carrots and chives to raw salmon, smoked salmon and finally shrimp.

Sushi grade fish | salmon
Sushi grade fish | sushi roll preparation
Sushi grade fish | how to make sushi

Photos by Wendy from Chez Chloe. Visit her website for more great images and full recipe!

More sushi recipes!

There are unlimited combinations for pulling together a fantastic sushi dish. Here are two more of our favourite recipes:

Sushi grade tuna recipe

Yellowfin tuna with a lime and white radish dressing and Bloody Mary jelly

by Shaun Rankin

This seafood starter from Shaun Rankin is a great fish cocktail. It uses raw tuna steak and scallops partially cooked by the acid of the lime marinade. Make the most of this yellowfin tuna recipe by making sure your tuna is line or troll caught.

smoked salmon and avocado sushi

Smoked salmon and avocado sushi

by Georgina Fuggle

Georgina shows how to make salmon uramaki in this sushi recipe. She fills her rolls with avocado and cucumber before wrapping in nori and perfect sushi rice. In conclusion, the rolls are finished with pretty pink strips of smoked salmon for a perfect starter.